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CHAPT 1- Marketing Must Go On

In the spirit of sharing & inspiration, we're hooking you up with a killer article that inspired us to keep our heads high during these troubling times.

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We believe in partnership, working together towards a common goal, and being amazing together. In a nutshell, that’s what marketing is all about right? Ok, ok, and selling products to make money but hey who’s keeping score here?
In the spirit of sharing and providing inspiration, we wanted to hook you up with some killer articles that have inspired us to keep our heads up during these troubling times. If companies like Disney, Mail Chimp, and Microsoft invest in marketing during financial downturns and come out ahead why the heck can’t our company’s?

As the world changes and financial markets decline, marketing always seems to be the first thing to go, which is an unfortunate side effect for employees, customers, and the market alike.  We are firm believers in keeping marketing in place, sure cuts can be made but the message must push on. When times get tough it’s time to get creative!  

Check out the article below written by Lucy Wayment,, giving insight into five iconic companies that kept marketing full steam ahead through recessions and financial crises.

"5 Iconic companies that thrived during history’s worst recessions"

MEA Group  The way we see it-1Ok, so we’re all attempting to keep our heads, careers lives, and sanity afloat here in 2020…. With that said, we’ve all learned that there is only one only constant, change. Change forces us to do business differently, to grow in ways that broaden our horizons and keep the bottom line thriving. Just like the companies in the above article we all have to re-evaluate what’s most important to our brand and stick with it. 

Sure, spending is on hold but what if, just what if we stood out in the crowd and instead of not promoting we promoted. We sent thank you gifts to our customers and employees. We inserted the personal touch that we are all so deeply craving.  what are we going to do? We’re going to put on our big person pants, they can be comfy ones we’re still dealing with 2020 here, and we’re going to make magic happen.

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Carpe de em', take the shot, make the magic happen. There's no better time than NOW. Keep your brand relevant and in front of your customers.

Now more than ever connecting with a personal touch is key. We're all craving social interaction and the feeling of normalcy. Make the extra effort...pick up the phone and call your customer. Send them a branded promotional item to their doorstep.

Don't back away from your marketing plans. They're good plans, you worked hard to make them don't let a curveball derail the plan. Reevaluate spends but be sure to allocate dollars to advertising and marketing. Keep your name in front of your customers. 


Let's Be AMAZING Together!

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