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CHAPT 3- We are Living in a Video World

In the spirit of sharing & inspiration, we're hooking you up with a killer article that inspired us to think outside the box.

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We are living in a video world, and we can hook you up with video marketing in a whirl. Soo, we may not be budding musicians but we ARE excellent marketers who can help you get your message in front of your audience in a quick, cool way. Video is the future, more so now than ever before. 2021 brings with it a new way of business, we’ve all gotten our footing and feel like the ground is a little more stable, less like quicksand. Now is the time to get your message OUT THERE!
We found the below article VERY helpful in navigating this new marketing frontier, it provides excellent stats on different marketing outlets and what consumers prefer. Use it as a kick-off for a brainstorming sesh’ with your team, or share it with your peers so they can read in their own time.

Check out the article below written by to learn more about the latest video marketing trends.

"14 Video Marketing Trends for 2020/2021: Latest Forecasts You Should Be Thinking About"


MEA Group  The way we see it-1We accelerate your brand through responsive and flexible solutions by suggesting products that will work for you. 

For instance, does your company have an audience that’s a little more “paper friendly” (catch our drift…) we’d suggest integrating a  digital brochure into your marketing mix.

This beaut marries both print and video into one beautiful package. With an easy mailer or drop-off item, your brand message will literally be in the palm of your audience’s hand and a button press is all that’s needed to roll the video!

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Carpe de em', take the shot, make the magic happen. There's no better time than NOW. Keep your brand relevant and in front of your customers.

Now more than ever connecting with a personal touch is key. We're all craving social interaction and the feeling of normalcy. Make the extra effort...pick up the phone and call your customer. Send them a branded promotional item to their doorstep.

Don't back away from your marketing plans. They're good plans, you worked hard to make them don't let a curveball derail the plan. Reevaluate spends but be sure to allocate dollars to advertising and marketing. Keep your name in front of your customers. 


Let's Be AMAZING Together!

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