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CHAPT 2- Don't Stop Believing in Marketing

In the spirit of sharing & inspiration, we're hooking you up with a killer article that inspired us to keep our heads high during these troubling times.

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If you use apps like Venmo and Pinterest look no further than the 2008 recession and leaders that had the gumption to keep on keepin’ on….yes, these companies were start up’s during the great recession and twelve years later they are so much a part of our lives, how would we make it without them? The lesson here, don’t stop believing. 

Check out the article below written by Audrey Conklin,, giving insight into ten successful startups that were founded during the 2008 Great Recession.

"10 Successful Startups Founded During the 2008 Great Recession"


MEA Group  The way we see it-1We said it before and we’ll say it again, Don’t Stop Believing. During hard times we’re faced with new challenges and sometimes we have a little more time on our hands to make the magic happen than before.

Focus your energy on the task at hand, if something isn’t working brainstorm a new way to make it amazing.
Be strategic and smart about how you invest your time and money, but be sure to invest it….the opportunities are endless.

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Carpe de em', take the shot, make the magic happen. There's no better time than NOW. Keep your brand relevant and in front of your customers.

Now more than ever connecting with a personal touch is key. We're all craving social interaction and the feeling of normalcy. Make the extra effort...pick up the phone and call your customer. Send them a branded promotional item to their doorstep.

Don't back away from your marketing plans. They're good plans, you worked hard to make them don't let a curveball derail the plan. Reevaluate spends but be sure to allocate dollars to advertising and marketing. Keep your name in front of your customers. 


Let's Be AMAZING Together!

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