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Well, here we are, the six-month mark, my oh my how time has flown by. Let’s talk about what's hot and now in the marketing world.


Well, here we are, the six-month mark, my oh my how time has flown by. Progress has been made on the vaccination front and we're getting closer and closer to our "new, old normal" and settling into business practices that work in this landscape.

Let’s talk about what's hot and now in the marketing world. We'll touch on tips to build your brand to its fullest potential and expand its reach further than you thought possible.

The pandemic has impacted the marketing landscape in numerous ways. Content is king once again, we've said say goodbye to the marketing funnel and welcomed in the flywheel and video is key in this drastically altered environment. You've probably already guessed that video is also the best avenue to tell your brand’s story.

Content is King...
It was 1996 when Bill Gates predicted that the future will be one where content will impact market success. Fast forward to 2021, that “bold” prediction is clearer than broad daylight. Experts even project that the content marketing industry itself will reach over $107.5 billion in 2026 (Research Dive, 2020).
Content is everything in today’s marketing environment, it should be relevant to the time, informational, and focused on which content produces the best outcome. Whether it’s a blog post or a video product review, your content unlocks the key that connects your brand to your audience. This connection is important to generate rapport and trust with consumers.

Funnel to Flywheel...
RIP marketing funnel, there’s a new player in town and it’s called the Flywheel. The flywheel method focuses more on maintaining customers' happiness and motivating them to keep coming back for more. Whereas the funnel approach (RIP) focuses more on getting one-time customers rather than repeat ones.
We all know it costs more to capture a new customer than it does to maintain a current one.  By putting the customer at the heart of marketing the flywheel framework, you create a space for engagement and interaction making marketing a pivotal role in the whole customer lifecycle. See marketing IS important...we don't understand why it's "always the first to go" when cuts are made.

Video killed the radio star...
Enriching customer experiences will really skyrocket your brand. Video allows a customer to see what you're all about. Seeing is believing and a photo speaks louder than get the picture. It's always a best practice to take off your marketing hat and step into a customer's shoes. As a customer do you prefer to read an article, scroll through photos or watch a quick video? 9 times out of 10, the choice is video. Worried that you don't have an in-house videographer or that video creation is uber expensive? We've got you covered there too.  Leverage programs like to create eye-catching informational videos on the fly, then house those videos on to make sharing easy...not to mention there's some analytics included too!!!

Now is the time to be agile, marketing professionals have always been quick to pivot, and in this new day and age marketing and communication plans need to be done more quickly to keep up with the saturated digital market. In order to pull this off silos between departments like finance, accounting and marketing should be demolished to allow for a streamlined way to the finish line, we're all in this together!

As a little FYI, Below you will find the top 5 content marketing types and their usage across marketers in 2020, according to It's best to access where you have placed your focus and understand the competition's allocations as well.  Let's face it, we're all pretty emailed out right?!!?  And if we have to attend ONE MORE VIRTUAL EVENT...we'll let you finish the sentence.  All joking aside, the key to expanding the reach and connecting with customers lies in that personal touch.



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