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Employee engagement, an important building block of workplace culture. But what is it exactly and how can we as marketers help HR do it well?


Employee engagement, a topic that is top of mind for most Human Resources professionals and an important building block of workplace culture. But what is it exactly? Why is it so important? and how can we as marketers help HR do it well?  We're going to explore these questions and provide a few fun ways to kickstart an employee engagement program.

So what is employee engagement? Employee engagement is a human resources (HR) concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. Engaged employees care about their work and about the performance of the company, and feel that their efforts make a difference. This is measured qualitatively and quantitatively. 

Ever taken a "Pulse" or "Engagement" survey? That's the primary means of measuring this metric. These metrics are so important in understanding and building a healthy workplace culture that directly impacts sales goals, turnover rates, and company success. 

So how can we as marketers create a positive impact and help human resources create an engaged culture?

First and foremost, if you are lucky enough to have an in-house HR team, it's important to be an excellent partner that brings a creative and fun approach to internal communications, initiatives, and programs. Offer to create an engaging and relevant communication template for the internal newsletter or mailer. Be a positive steward of initiatives and participate in sponsored events.  Remember no matter which department, we're all working to help the company reach a shared goal.

 by creating and executing engagement programs HR departments set the foundation of the company culture, making sure people are celebrated, and not just for their work. Hosting ice cream socials, coffee break discussions and team outings are all examples of excellent ways to develop a strong, engaged employee culture. 

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